ROC-RK3399 Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop no power to USB port

Hello! As the title says, I’ve got a RK3399 and I’ve flashed the corresponding ubuntu 22.04 image onto a 128gb sandisk ultra microSD card using Win32DiskImager. When I put the SD card in the board and boot, before it passes the GNU GRUB, all USB headers have power and my KVM light up, however after it passes the GNU GRUB and boots into the image, all of the usb port get disabled and I can’t progress in the system configuration for ubuntu 22.04 to set it up.

Is there any setting that I have to enable/disable in the config.txt from the boot partition or anything like that to enable all the USB headers? Thank you!

There was a recent change to one of the regulator management in Linux. We will look into it next week.

Hey! Any news on this? :smiley: Thanks!

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Bump :smiley: . . . . . . . . . .

We should have this fixed next week.


Any update on this? I don’t see any new images on the distro server so I assume it’s not been fixed yet