ROC3399-PC no boot with Ubuntu SDCard

I have purchased 4 Libre boards and love the plug and play: flash OS on to SDCard and boot. That simple. I just got my 3399-PC and it simply does not work. I have tried multiple SDcards, different images (22.04 server, desktop, bare, 20.04 etc), different flashing software. The image for the latest FIRMWARE worked perfect as well. The 905X and the 3328s have been a no brainer. What am I missing…? Is there some special step for the 3399? I have looked everywhere and maybe the issue is so big I don’t see it… I just cannot get the 3399 to boot into the OS.

You need a power supply that is either dumb or one that does not cut of VBUS when negotiating PD profiles. This is a software limitation at this point due to how u-boot and the kernel handle PD state machine management. It is on our engineering roadmap to resolve these issue.

You can use the Raspberry Pi Type C power supply which is a dumb supply or the power supply designed for ROC-RK3399-PC.