RPi GPIO Python converter?

Can anyone assist locating the source code to convert RPi GPIO to GPIOD?

I’m not sure what you mean by “convert” in this case, but here is a link to my libgpiod example on the Python Bindings thread for the aml-s905x-cc. If you’re using a board other than le Potato you’ll just need to look up the chip and line numbers for your board.

As far as I know, RPi.GPIO hasn’t been ported to these boards, and probably wont ever be. First paragraph from the above mentioned thread’s OP:

There’s no source code to covert RPi.GPIO to use gpiod. We have text based GPIO maps that can be loaded into Python. We may create a library based on that in the future.

Thanks for the responses. Anytime I enter “import gpiod” I get command not found after following the tutorials.

How are you trying to run it? Sounds like you’re trying to run a script without making it executable first, or skipping the “./” .