SC16is752 I2C bus

I’m trying to get working a 2 channel RS232 HAT ( so natively made for RPi), based on SC16is752 chip.
I’ve activated i2c-b overlay and I can see the device at expected i2c address ( 0x4c).
But now I’m a little bit confused about what I have to do because I don’t see any I2C uart device under /dev .
Do I need a driver ? Should I recompile all the kernel with a specific option or may be only a module ?

So advice are welcome !

We have enabled the module (driver) for SC16IS752 in the latest kernel update. You need to create a device tree that binds the hardware with the driver using libretech-wiring-tool. Please see other SPI overlays as examples. Feel free to submit a pull request once you have created and tested the overlay with that device.

You mentioned that the device is I2C which should be an error as this IC seems to be a SPI device.