Seeking Pre-Configured Ubuntu Image or Setup Script for Lapotato (AML-S905X-CC)

Hello Libre Computer Community,

I’m reaching out to seek assistance with my Lapotato board (AML-S905X-CC). My objective is two-fold, and I would greatly appreciate any guidance or resources you can provide.

1. Pre-Configured Ubuntu Image: I am in search of a pre-configured Ubuntu image specifically tailored for the Lapotato (AML-S905X-CC). The key configurations I’m looking for in the image are:

  • SSH Enabled: For remote access and management.
  • WiFi Setup: To connect to my network wirelessly.
  • Static IP Configuration: To ensure consistent network accessibility.
  • Pre-set Username and Password: For immediate and secure access upon boot.

If anyone has created such an image or knows where I might find one, please point me in the right direction.

2. Custom Script for Configuration: Alternatively, if a pre-configured image is not available, I would be interested in creating a setup script to achieve these configurations.

I have some experience with Linux systems but am relatively new to configuring single-board computers like Lapotato. I’ve attempted basic setups but find myself uncertain about automating these particular configurations.In addition to my computer is Chromebook

Ubuntu server is pre-configured via cloud-init. There’s a file in the first partition that you can edit to do the things you want to do.

For the Ubuntu non-server images, you need to use GitHub - libre-computer-project/libretech-slipstream: slipstream tool for modifying Libre Computer official images to incorporate custom software