Sequent Microsystems 8 RTD HAT

Sequent Microsystems RTD HAT:

Now, to be clear, I have a V4.2 of this board, and their documentation of past hardware is terrible as far as “Will my now superseded revision still work?” In this case, the primary functions all work, however I do not have RS485 (I think? again, no docs anymore), etc.

I started with a Debian 11 image on my Sweet Potato, and enabled both i2c-ao and i2c-b so that I’d have the expected i2c-0 and i2c-1 devices as found on Raspberry Pi.

Clone the command line tools for the board:

git clone

cd to the folder, and

make install

Usage: consult the github README for the Usage, however just for sanity before going there issue a

i2cdetect -y 1

You should see a device, in my case it is 40

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