serial communication

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with serial communication, I use a le potato board with rs485 can hat, and through librecomputers I enabled the uart and now in the device tree is ttyAML6, but when I use it, serial communication is not possible.
Can you help me?

RS485 CAN HATs operate through SPI, not UART. ttyAML6 is the onboard UART. The CAN HAT should be using this overlay instead: libretech-wiring-tool/libre-computer/aml-s905x-cc/dt/spi-cc-1cs-mcp2515-can0.dts at master · libre-computer-project/libretech-wiring-tool · GitHub

I enabled it, but there are no changes in the device tree, and there is only /dev/ttyAML0 for the serial.

sorry, I’m a beginner, what can I use for serial communication?

Hello everyone, can someone help me, I’m using a AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) board on which the rs485 can hat is connected via gpio pins. le potato must communicate with another device via serial communication, i.e. via A and B pins on the rs485 can hat. I enabled spi-cc-1cs and spi-cc-1cs-mcp2515-can0 but /dev didn’t change. If someone can help me?