Share wifi from pc to le potato

this took me a while to figure out, I use windows so most guides were doing it on linux or just didn’t work for me.

instead of using the share wifi feature windows has you should create a bridge instead, simply go to control panel, network and internet, network and sharing center, then click the adapter settings on the left and it will take you to a screen with multiple connections in like boxes, if you haven’t already hooked up the eth, do it, but select wifi and eth and right click then create bridge, right click on the bridge and scroll down to ipv4, select it and then select properties and make sure its set to automatic and then hit ok, then look in the adapter settings towards the top of the screen where you selected the ipv4, make sure eth and wifi r selected then hit ok and then if everything is set to automatic on most to all of the connections on the host (windows) and client (potato) it should automatically connect to internet, I’ve had no success in having internet on the host PC and client at the same time, but I have two wifi cards so I was able to bridge the extra one to the pi and use the main one for internet on my host. i did this on armbian with a de installed but you shouldn’t need one with a de, I’ve had success with debian too. the de just makes it easier to troubleshoot