Should gpioget 1 98 always return 0?

gpioget 1 98

always returns 0. Is this normal for that pin ? it’s the pin “GPIOCLK_0”

pins with gpio # 87-90 work as expected (only when button is pressed, value is 0 otherwise 1). I am a bit cramped for wire space so was hoping to use 1 98

Did you bias pull up?

how do I check this ?

Use gpioget --help

Fixed ! thanks !

I just did gpioget -B disable 1 98 and then it works as others

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is there a standard way to make the bias setting persist ? the command gpioget -B disable 1 98 gets reset on restart

You need to write a device tree overlay that targets that pin so the pinctrl driver will set the proper bias when probing the controller.