Single H.265 Plex stream to Apple TV HD

Hi, I’m currently waiting on delivery of a 2GB Renegade board, 16GB eMMC.

Wanting to stream 720p HEVC files via Plex to ATV. I read hardware decoding can be hit & miss, seems it’s supported in LibreElec but I’m struggling to establish if that’s possible in other environments (LibreElec doesn’t seem ideal for what I want to achieve).

I want to run Raspbian headless with OMV running Plex in Docker. I plan to also run a Calibre server, Transmission and PiHole.

I’m willing to try Jellyfin/Swiftfin as alternative if HW acceleration’s workable here, I’ve not found a solid answer to this yet either.

Can anyone tell me if this general outline is workable and if not where might be a good place to start to build a plan that might achieve the same thing?

My experience with command line is limited but I always get there in the end. My desktop is a Mac running Catalina.