SOLVED - WiFi disassociation when

… the monitor goes to sleep.

I have 2 Renegades with 128Gb eMMC modules running Raspbian 11.

Both Renegades are streaming video and running Python programs to detect motion and perform some actions.

With Renegade1 or R1, when the monitor goes to sleep the WiFi stays connected.
R1 has a D-Link DWA 125. R1 is using a powered hub but only the keyboard and mouse are connected to the powered hub. When R1 is not on the bench R1 runs without a keyboard, mouse, monitor or powered hub. R1 is connected to a DC UPS using a 6Ah LiFePo4.

With Renegade2 or R2 when the monitor goes to sleep the WiFi, a Generic module that shipped with the Renegade, gets disassociated from the network. I have went into the RaspberryPi configuration and disabled screen blanking but that does not work. I figured it would not but it was worth a try. I currently run the Generic module on a USB cable so that is is NOT directly plugged into the USB slot. I got another DWA 125 on order in hopes that would fix the issue. R2 is on a DC UPS with a 6Ah LiFePo4. What I’d like to know is how to stop the screen from going blank?

OK, for what ever reason, perhaps the 3rd reboot, R2 is now staying awake. Seems the RaspberryPi configuration worked after all.

When I moved the other Renegade and its WiFi dongle from the workbench to another location the Generic WiFi dongle stopped giving me errors. Been running for over 14 hours without a WiFi Disassociation error.

If you go into idle, Linux will try to do power saving on WiFi at the expense of range. You can disable this to improve disconnections or move your node closer to your AP.