SteamLink on arm64 boards; any updates?

Curious if anyone in the community has continued work on a SteamLink build that is compatible with arm64 boards like the Renegade? I have seen this mentioned a couple times in passing on other threads in reference to the armhf compatible build for RPi on the forum but felt this could use its own topic. Boards like the Renegade, which I have and am running Ubuntu Lunar Lobster 2023.04 natively off of the EMMC, could really tackle the task of being a SteamLink capable machine well in my belief. I do a lot of traveling for archery tournaments out of state and it would be cool to have the SteamLink capability just to pass the time when away (I know performance on separate networks in separate states will be hot garbage on SteamLink at best, it would still be a cool thing to have though lol). Curious if the community can pull something together on this one seems how Valve won’t show us love! :joy: