Stock Debian Issues

I have been very impressed with Libre Computer and I wish you guys earlier. I just bought a Sweet Potato and I got it running with the official images. I had read that Debian 12 AARCH64 UEFI images were compatible but I get an error when booting - “Synchronous Abort” . It matches here very similarly Synchronous abort handler in boot for le potato.

I followed this guide Installing Debian 11 Bullseye and Debian 12 bookworm/sid Headless - Google Slides. I know thats for Debian 11 so I’m also wondering if there were any known incompatibilities introduced.

Ideally I would like to be running Stock Debian in case anything happens I know I can continue to use the product long term. I’ve been burned by other ARM PCs in the past.

Really hopeful here that this can all work. Thank you for any assistance.

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