Sudo reboot doesn't seem to work?


I received my 2 “Le Potato” board this morning and am trying out a few things now to get a grip on the differences between a Raspberry Pi and this SBC.

I got some issues to get the headless setup up and running, especially with the new mechanism introduced by the Raspberry Pi organisation (having to have a userconf.txt file with name:encrypted_password) but in the end I got one board up and running already.

I see the red power led, the green ??? led constantly lighting up (what is this led representing, drive activity?) and the blue led giving me the heartbeat (representing the load of the system) rate.

However, when I execute the sudo reboot command, the system doesn’t reboot. I don’t see the blinking blue led coming up again after a while, can’t connect with Putty through SSH and so on. I have to physically remove the power and power up the board again. Any reason for this behaviour?

PS: Used the 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64-lite+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz image for the “Le Potato” board.

I did a test yesterday evening: I gave the command sudo reboot and then left my study room to go for dinner. When I came back in my room, I saw the heartbeat LED (blue one) blinking again. So, it seems the sudo reboot command does have an effect.
This morning, I wanted to know how long it took before the blue LED was blinking again, after I gave the sudo reboot command.

Well, it took an astonishing and whopping 10’30’’ (really???) before I saw the blue LED blinking again and before I could log into the system using SSH again.

This is not normal and - honestly - not acceptable. I don’t know what’s happening after the SBC gets the sudo reboot command because I don’t have any form of display connected to it (remember, I’m using the 2022-09-22-raspbian-bullseye-arm64-lite+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz version).

For comparison: the Raspberry Pi 2B/3B+ takes approx. 20-25 seconds before I can log in again using SSH after a sudo reboot.

Again, I have no idea what’s going on during startup of the board (I’m very new to this Le Potato board) but I hope someone of Libre Computer can give a plausible explanation for this.

With this reboot behaviour, it’s much faster to simply remove the power supply and put it back in. Using that scenario it only takes approx. 25 seconds before the heartbeat is showing again and that’s comparable with the Raspberry Pi 2B/3B+. And very much acceptable too!

So, curious to hear what’s happening when submitting the sudo reboot command.

There a bug in our Linux 6.0.9. This will be resolved shortly. There is a crash if HDMI isn’t plugged in so it affects reboot.

We have patched our kernel. It should show up in our apt servers in around 12 hours. Thanks for the bug report!