[Support] Tritium H5 often hard crashes (no control) when GPU is active

Hello, I got a really cheap Libre computer board tritium H5 because I want to hoard some media and play it back with ffmpeg v4l2request fork and mpv. And it almost works as expected. But I hard crash during prolonged GPU usage to render images on the screen (short as 30 seconds or as long as 40 minutes before it happens).

Funnily, I didn’t find any topics related to this, nor did I find any issues online regarding the Allwinner H5’s instability. I couldn’t acquire any messages either aside from that one time it didn’t fully crash and I found a unable to allocate cma buffer message.

Here is what I have tested :

  1. Armbian bookworm/noble/jammy with 6.6 and 6.7 kernels all crash soon after sway starts, but if mpv is run from Drm, it takes longer. Seems like invoking EGL causes immediate instability.
  2. 6.1 legacy kernels seem to take longer to crash on X11, but still crashes nevertheless on all the same programs.
  3. I used different power sources, a Huawei 5V 2A power supply, a random 3.1A one, and a USB PD orange port one. Dunno if they made a difference, but hang is inevitable.
  4. I increased the cma to 64M, 128M, 512M, and even 1024M, and funnily, I think it may have delayed the crash for a few more minutes to tens of minutes, although I couldn’t quite get through a 40 minute video.
  5. Using Libre tech’s repository 6.1 kernel from the debian/Ubuntu in the downloads page might have improved it somewhat, but the hang is always there, with all the attempts, I increased the hang to about 30 minutes of playback time before crashing.
  6. I was running on a 720p screen 12", 4k screen 60", and 27" 1080p gaming screen. 4K might cause the hang faster, but it is present on all displays and even if resolution is nerfed to 640x480.
  7. Jernejsk’s ffmpeg and mpv 0.35.1 and 0.38 are tried.
  8. MPV is one of the better behaved ones. Minetest, chromium, pavucontrol, and GUI programs tend to cause the hang in minutes rather than tens of minutes.

How is cooling handled?

I brought the wifi dongle + heatsink kit. So I have a heatsink. That is it through.