System will not reboot correctly (AML-S905X-CC)

I have two separate issues all around boot.

I am running the following distro:

I am trying to follow the guide for booting from external drive as found here:

The first issue I am having it that reboot from cl does not work correctly, the device is powered on but I get nothing on my monitor. I was able to confirm that it is not just a display issue, as I am unable to ssh into the machine after reboot as well. I read something about fstab configuration but am unable to find the document now.

The second issue is that I followed jamesachambers’ guide to the letter, and I am still booting / from the microsd. Is anyone willing to point me in the right direction, I am admittedly a Linux noob but I understand basic commands/configuration.


  1. Johang maintains those images. We do not have insight into what is done there.
  2. That’s a Radxa guide and has no relevance to our boards. Do not try random guides or random software found on the internet not designed for our boards. You can damage them.
  3. We have libretech-flash-tool for generating a bootable MicroSD card to boot off USB medium.
  1. Fair
  2. Thank you for the warning.
  3. I am trying this now the libretech flash tool from libre-computer-project on github is giving me an error at the moment.
    aml-s905x-cc bootloader cannot be reached.

Thank you for your response.

Once I get this boot loader flashed, is there a guide you could recommend to getting up and running?
I tried this once before with a debian arm guide I found (I think you made it) but I got stuck at the point of trying to run the distro-fix script. Wondering if that was up to date.

It runs standard UEFI images from there. As long as the kernel version is relatively new, it should work fine but it will be missing optimizations in our upstream kernel.

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I am finding the same problem rebooting. I connect to the AML-S905X-CC via sh. Most everything seems to work fine including adding non-native apps. However, if I try to reboot, either with reboot or shutdown -h now, the device simply shuts off. If I power cycle the device, it comes alive just fine. As I am often not co-located with the device, it is somewhat inconvenient.

Do you have any peripherals attached? If you can find the last message on UART when you run the reboot command, you can determine the issue.

  1. That should be shutdown -r now
  2. I have a number of computers running Linux, x86_64 and SBCs. Almost all have the command reboot as a link to systemctl. A “which reboot” does not report anything. If I try a “sudo systemctl reboot”, it seems to do a proper reboot on my other computers. On the aml-s905x-cc, it reports an error and does nothing.

General statements is not something we can help you with. Need the exact message.

DId you use sudo?

I’d just like to chime in that I’m facing the same problem. I got an AML-S90X-V1.0-A fresh from the package. Installed Debian Bullseye (SD card) and everything seems to work perfectly fine.

But when I reboot (reboot, shutdown -r, systemctl reboot, …) the OS shuts down, but doesn’t come back up until after a power recycle.

This makes the SBC rather unusable here, since they are often hidden in inconvenient to reach places and are managed through ssh.

Is there a known solutions to this problem? Is it debian related perhaps?

Where did you get Debian bullseye since we do not have a Debian bullseye release?