the dimensions of the Renegade (ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade)

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I have a question about the dimensions of the Renegade (ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade) Is it the exact same of RaspberryPI 3? are there any differences?
Because on the product sheet, the renegade is similar to a Raspberry Pi 3 model B but that’s what it also says for the Le Potato but there’s a difference in the usb port. (the renegade is the one with the blue port on the right)
I am looking for a case for the renegade.

The pin holes and PCB dimensions are identical. It is missing one USB port and the IR sensor might stick out in front if there’s no clearence at the front of the case.

The Flirc case for the 2/3/B+ is what I use. It fits with following caveats:

The LIRC module sticks out a bit. You’ll need to file away that ridge with a metal file. Also, if you want to actually use the LIRC module, you’ll need to drill a pilot hole in the case. The heat sink aligns with the CPU perfectly. The memory chips are left exposed.

Plastic ridges on the inner part of bottom cover will need to be trimmed to allow space for the eMMC module. Some of the plastic along the edge will need to be trimmed because some of the solder joints are rather pointy.


The case allows for some “extra ventilation” because the Renegade has 3 USB ports instead of 4.

So, if you’re comfortable using an X-Acto knife, a metal file, and a power drill – the Flirc case fits perfectly! :sunglasses:

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Thanks a lot for your help @jrh and @librecomputer , I’m going to look at the Lirc box, I have to admit I have some to do, so ideally I was looking for a box that would fit perfectly in a box, there is no box that fits exactly the renegade ?
Do you know where I can find the measurements of a case for the renegade to make a custom one?

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