To LibreComputer - whats your favorite OS


in short, whats your preferred OS given the various options you offer (Ubuntu, Raspbian, Debian etc)?

So far I’ve been using multiple AML-S905X-CC quite successfully and I really like the device and also the AML-S905X-CC V2 looks very interesting for my application types. Given I came from a Raspi I use Raspbian (headless).

My main interest is OS-stability and I do not use the GPIO header at all right now other then powering the device.
But I’m wondering which OS you prefer (from an engineering/ testing perspective). Given Raspbian seems a little behind your Debian images I’m now testing Debian (there are some things in Bookworm which might make my life easier - mainly around systemd).

So thats the background of my question - I’d like to know your preferred OS given your experience with all of them.

Thanks in advance - and I understand that this is a question for an opinion.

We only pushed out initial limited Debian images for users to test. We will have a full Debian release before the end of the month to cover different application scenarios. Debian 12 is by far the latest for everything until Ubuntu 24.04 is released. However with Ubuntu moving to Snaps, Debian will be our primary engineering focus.

Thank you for the reply - the ‘Debian will be our primary engineering focus’ statement was the one I was fishing for. :+1:
I’ve so far moved most things from Raspbian to Debian and no major issues with the current Bookworm image except some additional setup stuff in the beginning where raspi-config is just nice.
Otherwise no issues so far (only smoke tested).

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