Tritium H5 Raspian Stuck at Reboot


Not new to Linux or SBC’s (Have a bunch of RPis a NanoPi M1 Plus, a Potato and a Tritium H5).

I’m running headless (cli) Raspian (but I like Armbian better) so that I can install Octoprint on my Tritium. It all works well, then after I run the (or install the DietPi script) the little board(s) will not reboot. They simply hang.

When I use any of the following, it gives me “[ 268.630013] reboot: Restarting system” and that’s all she wrote. I left it over night, and it was still there in the morning. I have to physically unplug the USB cable, and plug it back in.
I’ve used:
$ sudo shutdown -r now
$ sudo init 6
$ sudo reboot
All with the same result.
$ sudo shutdown -h now
“[ 131.043518] reboot: Power down”
and stops.

I’m using the Wall plug that I ordered with my Libre Computers (I ordered the Potato first, then needed the camera connection on the Tritium, so I ordered the Tritium, and two wall plugs to make sure I was using the power they suggested (I normally use a buck converter on my 12 or 24v power supply to give my SBC a good amperage window @ 5vdc).

Is there a script that is uniique to the Libre boards that Octoprint or Dietpi are deleting when they run through their scripts?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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