Tritium H5 Raspian Stuck at Reboot


Not new to Linux or SBC’s (Have a bunch of RPis a NanoPi M1 Plus, a Potato and a Tritium H5).

I’m running headless (cli) Raspian (but I like Armbian better) so that I can install Octoprint on my Tritium. It all works well, then after I run the (or install the DietPi script) the little board(s) will not reboot. They simply hang.

When I use any of the following, it gives me “[ 268.630013] reboot: Restarting system” and that’s all she wrote. I left it over night, and it was still there in the morning. I have to physically unplug the USB cable, and plug it back in.
I’ve used:
$ sudo shutdown -r now
$ sudo init 6
$ sudo reboot
All with the same result.
$ sudo shutdown -h now
“[ 131.043518] reboot: Power down”
and stops.

I’m using the Wall plug that I ordered with my Libre Computers (I ordered the Potato first, then needed the camera connection on the Tritium, so I ordered the Tritium, and two wall plugs to make sure I was using the power they suggested (I normally use a buck converter on my 12 or 24v power supply to give my SBC a good amperage window @ 5vdc).

Is there a script that is uniique to the Libre boards that Octoprint or Dietpi are deleting when they run through their scripts?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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I’m also having this issue with the all-h3-cc-h5

From my journalctl I can see an error that the sunxi watchdog is getting an invalid argument.
My assumption is that reboot/shutdown uses that to reset the cpu. Since it’s setting an invalid value, it’s possible that reset signal never happens.

Need to track down where that is configured.

Are you using Raspbian 10 or Raspbian 11?