Troubleshooting new Renegade Elite Version 1.24

I just received a new Renegade Elite Version 1.2A yesterday. I had already setup a brand new debian 12 install on a micro-sd card. I have check the board for voltage, it is getting voltage. No LED lights are lighting up. No HDMI output. Is there something I am missing as to why my board is not working, or do I just have a bad board?

The board should turn on since we started flashing it from the factory. Try removing the heatspreader as some units have an issue where heatspreader makes contact with a resistor causing the board not to boot. If the unit turns on, reseat the heatspreader with an electrical insulator. We have provided the distributors notification of this issue since the heatspreader is aftermarket addition by distributors for case integration.

Ok that makes sense, I removed the heat spreader last night after looking it over and noticed it looked like it possibly touched a component on that side. I guess I’ll be doing a return order for this board and ordering a new one. I’ve already emailed them about it and haven’t heard anything back as of yet. Let’s hope the next one I get is a good one. Have to check over a new one and do any preventative measure prior to using it. Thanks you so much for the info, greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to give a quick update on my board. I did send it back and ordered a new one. When I received this one I pulled the heat spreader off, put down Kapton tape anywhere that the spreader looked to even touch any smd components on the board and re-attached the heat spreader after cleaning and applying some fresh thermal paste to the processor. The system has been working flawlessly. I would say that the spreader needs to be cut a different shape to avoid the components. Thanks again for the tip.