Trying to get Waveshare 3.5" Capactive Touch Screen working with AML-S905X-CC

Hi, I’m running into an issue trying to get this display working

First I tried following the instructions on that page there for install, but since config.txt is not read upon boot with Raspbian for Libre Computer Boards this obviously isn’t working. There are hardware overlays provided on that page also but again, different board so different overlays.

I’ve moved the jumper as well to the edge of the board to enable GPIO pin 11

Has anyone got this working? I’ve tried a few of the common overlays mentioned here on this forum but I can’t any video output to this display.

Could someone point me in the right direction? Does an overlay exist for Libre boards for this display that I can load with with the ltdo tool?

Please use the search function. This is covered already here: AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) 480x320 ILI9486 SPI Touchscreen Display


So I did follow that post in detail before making mine. The display I’m using appears to use a different overlay as I couldn’t get anything at all to show on mine.

The 3.5" display from Waveshare referenced in that post has fewer GPIO pins and a lower resolution, as well as a resistive instead of capacitive touch screen.

DPI is not supported. It uses all the GPIOs in a Raspberry Pi specific sequence that no other board can have. DPI screens work only on the board they are targeted for.

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Well that makes me figure better I couldn’t figure it out, thanks for the quick reply!