U-boot rotate lcd screen

Hi, I got a waveshare 11.9 lcd display that is mounted in portrait mode to a la frite board. Is it possible to set it on landscape mode on boot? Just want to get an idea of what I need to do to achieve this. Is it as simple as setting a variable or do I need to configure my ouwn boot firmware and flash it?

This is not simple to do in u-boot because u-boot’s driver is very simplistic compared to the full blown driver. Rotation can be done either on the output driver or the rendering driver but I don’t think either supports rotation. Maybe upload an upside-down logo is best and silencing the console.

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Thanks, that should work for what I am trying to do.

Depending on the version of the u-boot on the board, you can put an RGB BMP image on the first partition of eMMC as boot.bmp. The bootloader will automatically pick it up and display it. The other way is to disable all u-boot output until Linux starts.

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