Ubuntu 22.04 Weston Desktop Help


By default the Super key is assigned as the modifer key. On most keyboards, this is the Windows key.
Weston clients are the equivalent of X11 and Windows windows. The reason they’re not called windows is because the clients can take arbitrary shapes and sizes.


Desktop Shell

  • Control + Alt + T: Open Terminal (not native, via binder)
  • Control + Alt + Backspace: Terminate Weston
  • modifier + Page Up/Down: Zoom in and out with mouse gravity
  • modifier + Mouse Vertical Scrool: Zoom in and out with mouse gravity
  • Super + S: Take Screenshot
  • Super + S: Start/stop record video of desktop in wcap format. Only video damage is recorded. Needs to be converted before playing back on video players.


  • modifier + K: Terminate Weston client
  • modifier + Shift + F: Fullscreen Weston client
  • modifier + Shift + M: Maximize Weston client
  • Super + Alt + Mouse Vertical Scroll: Adjust Weston client opacity
  • modifier + Mouse Left Button: Move Weston client
  • modifier + Shift + Mouse Left Button Drag: Resize Weston client
  • modifier + Mouse Right Button Drag: Resize Weston client

Workspace (must be enabled)

  • modifier + Fx: Switch to workspace based on F key (F1/F2/F3/etc)
  • modifier + Up/Down: Switch to next/previous workspace
  • modifier + Shift + Up/Down: Move active window to next/previous workspace
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