Unable to boot up roc-rk3399-pc Renegade Elite

I’ve looked for literal days for any hints or guides on how to flash the eMMC on my renegade elite, with the “overview resources and guides” for the model on this forum consisting of

  1. Get a good power supply > 5.0V < 5.5V

  2. Get a good MicroSD card

  3. If not, you’re going to waste a lot of time.
    which isn’t very helpful. I have a power adapter bought from the loveRPi website meant specifically for the libre computer line of SBCs, and ive also tried flashing the ubuntu desktop image to a microSD card to boot from that, so that I can then flash the image from a usb drive to the eMMC module, but it wont boot up or show anything on my computer monitor. I used dd to flash to the SD card the same way I did for my roc-rk3328-cc, but it isn’t working this time despite using the correct .iso. If anyone could offer any advice or link to instructions or a guide that I might have missed, I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: used the flashing tool provided by libre computer on github, same result, wont boot up or display anything.

What is the command you used? Also take a picture of the eMMC module and board.

the eMMC is 5.X 128GB, the board is the ROC-RK3399-PC Renegade Elite, and the command I used was
“sudo ./lft.sh bl-flash roc-rk3399-pc sdb” with the microSD card inserted into my reader.

sdb is a flash drive. eMMC is mmcblk0.

I was trying to flash to a microSD card to run the board off of temporarily.