Unable to rotate screen using Bookworm and Wayland

I am using the Bookworm Raspbian image and if I am using the Wayland compositor I am unable to rotate the screen. I have tried both changing wayfire.ini and through terminal using “wlr-randr --output HDMI-A-1 --transform” but in both cases the screen will not draw properly, on desktop I get a black screen with mouse cursor and in my application I get a flickering screen. Using a Pi 4 and the same monitor I am able to rotate my display with no issues.
I am able to switch to the X11 backend and rotate using xrandr, but my application performs poorly with the x11 backend, with Xorg consuming 80+ cpu usage and entire system user utilization above 25%, when using Wayland backend system user utilization is only ~7% so using the X11 backend is undesired with increased heat.

Have not tested Raspbian 12 and wayfire but display rotation works fine in Gnome in wayland mode. This is not a hardware limitation.