Unable to run upgrade/update commands on fresh Ubuntu Install on AML-s905X-cc

Hey everyone,

I just recently flashed a desktop image of ubuntu onto my le potato and I’m unable to run the commands suggested when first running the new system.

From what I understand there must be another process that is locking my ability to upgrade the system?
I’ve sat there for quite a bit waiting for it to finish whatever process is going on but nothing really changes.

Attached is a picture of the output I’m getting, if you guys have any idea whats going on I would really appreciate any help I can get!


Ubuntu has an automated background updater called unattended-upgrade. On first boot, it automatically runs and locks apt. You should be able to stop it via sudo systemctl stop unattended-upgrades.

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I’ll try that out, thanks for the quick response!

Hi, I just fired up my LePotato for the first time with Ubuntu desktop image and noted the following. First off I used Windows Disk Manager to flash a 128gb micro SD card using ubuntu-22.04.3-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img. I had the SBC connected to a 5 inch monitor which remained blank although the green and red LEDS came on and stayed on after a few seconds and then the blue LED began flashing at a fair rate which appeared to indicate it was working on installs etc. I powered it off, fitted a 7 inch HDMI screen plus USB KB & wireless mouse. and returned power to the SBC. Now I could see it loading on the screen and eventually prompted me for an update which I selected. After the update I had to prompt it with a CR to kick a reboot off again and it booted OK and I could access the internet. I then added a 128 gb usb memory stick and USB wifi-BT combo that had been used on Windows and they worked fine. Once every update is done, and the SBC is idle, the red & green LEDS remain on and the blue LED flashes about once a second and then rapidly when browsing the internet.

My only observation was the sluggishness due to the micro SD card (despite it being a fast one) so I’ll be fitting a 128gb eemc memory to the main board to hopefully speed things up. In conclusion, for just under $100 from Amazon I’ve got a Ubuntu based desk top PC for web browsing and playing MP3 and I’ll try MP4 once I have eemc memory fitted. The case I have on order from China for a few dollars.

Hope this helps others trying it out for the first time as being a novice I wanted an image that worked without issues which this one seems to do.

Ubuntu Desktop uses a lot of memory. A lot of times, the slowness is due to paging. We recommend using Raspbian which is lighter or using XFCE instead of Gnome.