Update Extant Pi image to boot on Le Potato

Is there documentation outlining how I can take an extant Pi image and update it so it will boot on a Potato? I have the Pi MusicBox image I’m running on a Pi 3B that I’d like very much to move to one of my Potato mini-computers. I’m fairly tech-savvy so is it possible to do this myself?

The image I want to update is the Pi MusicBox found here: https://www.pimusicbox.com/

Thanks in advance for your advice, guidance, input, ideas . . .

We have this but it only supports images based off Raspbian.

Superb!! I’ll take a look. I want to modify the MusicBox Pi image from a wonderful project that is no longer supported. It was built atop the Raspbian Wheezy image so hopefully this will work.

Bummer - I’ve already found this method online.

Here’s the blocking issue. I cannot get git on this Wheezy imaged card. I’ve tried every method I can think of over the last two weeks. Over that time, you can well imagine I’ve seen every error message imaginable.

I gather git is not in the Wheezy base image for Raspbian, but I would think I could add a library to sources.list. Thus far? No joy!

I’m open to ANY suggestions to how I can install git on the Wheezy image so I can get the image to boot on the Potato.

Wheezy is not supported. It was released in 2013 which is almost 9 years old. It is EOL by Debian in 2018 almost 5 years ago.

Got that, but that’s the distro the MusicBox was built on. Am I just kinda out of luck? is there no way to get this to boot on the potato?

by the way, I did find a way to get git on the image, but the script does error out which confirms what you’re saying.

Which features do you need exactly? The headless music server is provided by mopidy. Which still exists and is just python…

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Most projects do not need the legacy OS and will install fine on the latest Linux OSes if they’re maintained properly and do not use custom kernel drivers. It’s best to find the project on GitHub or somewhere and then use the latest instructions rather than port an old image to a board. Most likely the old OS kernel is so out of date and the system packages are full of security vulnerabilities.

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