Update Setup Instructions & Provide Release Info for Alta Family

I am particularly interested in seeing more information come out about the Alta in general.

There seems to be a lack of relevant information relating to releases:

  • PoE hats
  • Compute Module variant

The generic product page is cool and all, but there is no real order. From a consumer perspective, I was trying to expand my arsenal and didn’t even know to consider the Alta. I bought a few sweet potatoes only to find out that my money would have been better spent on Alta’s, which I picked up shortly after. Of course there is no ready to go PoE hat over 6 months after release…but I’m hopeful to see something soon.

Further there seems to be a lack of documentation around this rather impressive board. I have a few S905Xs both V1 and V2 and see plenty of information for these models, but had to read between the lines to get going for Alta.

Other Concerns

  • No OS rebuilds since late '23 for Ubuntu
  • No recent additional OS’ supported despite many distros offering ARM releases

All in all, I have high hopes for the Alta! Hope to see more info soon!