USB Booting AML-S905X-CC

I assume I’m overlooking something obvious, but I can’t get an OS to boot off USB.

I flashed a SD card using the libretech flash tool and installed the card, but when I boot up, I’m getting the grub fallback menu screen indicating it cant find a valid os on the USB stick. I used balenetcher to install the ubuntu server image from the libre downloads page. The USB stick doesnt appear to be corrupt in any way. OS appears to be on it and I can see the vfat EFI partition if I stick it in a regular windows PC.

Goal is to get it booted off the USB so I can start carving up the SD card to try to build a gentoo install on it.

Can you take a picture of the boot log before it gets to GRUB? If GRUB started (assuming off the USB stick and not a residual on the MicroSD card), then it should be able to continue to boot. Do you get any messages?

I knew it was something stupid on my part… As soon as I read your “assuming off the USB stick” I checked closer and I did have an incomplete boot partition on the SD Card where I installed u-boot. Once I wiped those files, it hopped over to the USB stick just fine. Thanks for the assist!!

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