What I2C functions are supported?

Hi, I have been reading the Linux Kernel Documentation on I2C programming from user space and it says you’re supposed to check for what functionality is supported by your device using some system calls.

I was what functionality is supported by the Le-potatoe I2C adapter? The tutorials/instructions are all a little vague, it really shouldn’t be so hard to program the IC2 adapter and get some communication going.

I2C is a standard interface with baud rate and bit modes. They’re fairly standard and consistent across platforms. There’s nothing special unless you get into really corner case scenarios with high speed, specific timing requirements, and other niche applications.

So I figured out from a lot of reading I think. What is still not clear on the Libre Board explicitly is how do I change the I2C speed? Default is 100khz? Can I go faster on the libreboard?


Yes, you can set the speed using standard Linux facilities.