What is the best software for the aml-s905x-cc?

What is the software can I use for the le potato? linux?

do you mean operating system?

if thats the case then Armbian, if you want something else then Raspian or Ubuntu (Desktop use)

you can find them in the downloads section here


Armbian officialy supports the AML-S905x-CC and has the most users so you can find tons of info for your specific board.

How about libretech-linux-master?

Don’t use it if you don’t know what it is. A lot of stuff here is geared towards developers, not users.

thanks for the information

I need a new software and I need help with it.

You need to stop creating new threads. You’ve created 4 threads that do not have any relevance and are not coherent. Please take the time to think about the question you are asking rather than spam threads that don’t make sense.

OK, I will try I have ADHD.