What model do I have?

Hi All.

I recently ordered a Le Potato from Amazon. I’m keen to know if it’s a v1 or a v2 model. I want to run PoE to it and read that only the v2 supports PoE. How do I determine if the one I bought is a v1 or a v2, please? It’s not listed on the Amazon posting.

Look up the “Sweet Potato”, I think that’s the V2. It should say something like AML-S905X-CC-V2.0-C on the board. If it has a 3.5mm audio jack, that’s a V1. V2 doesn’t have the jack. It also uses USB C for power, while the V1 uses micro USB.

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Thank you! Do you know where I can get a PoE HAT for the v2, please?

Usually loverpi.com but they are sold out right now.

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V1 and V2 are different products with different features. The version is written on the board.

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