What's the Blinking Blue Light? AML-S905X-CC

I have a new AML-S905X-CC that I got around 2 weeks ago. I have flashed an armbian image to a micro SD and the green light appears. I tried using the AV for video but that doesn’t work, is that what it’s for? Mainly, what does the blue light mean when it keeps blinking? And why does the AV have no output?

When you say AV, do you mean HDMI or CVBS? The blue light means that the kernel is running. What is the make and model of your monitor?

Probably CVBS. HDMI works, I have a HDMI to VGA adapter going and it works fine, but what’s the CVBS.
Monitor: HP LE1901wm
I tried using a projector with the other thing next to HDMI, which I thought was for an AV cable.