Whats up with the renegade elite.? I dont see it for sale anywhere?

I was looking into it as my next one after these 2 potatos. Is it discontinued?

I got mine on amazon, still seems to be there.

New revision is coming in 2 weeks. It had to be redesigned due to Samsung EOLing the previous LPDDR4.

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I only see the original renegade

Thank you ill have to check the new one out. Any plans in the future for more powerful boards or onboard wifi/bt etc.?

We have more powerful boards in the works. We recommend USB dongles because they can be separately certified. Otherwise it is nearly impossible or cost prohibitive to certify in all the countries for intentional radiators. A lot of other companies don’t bother with regulatory requirements and just include that stuff illegally.

External WiFi/BT is more reliable and offers more certifications. Additional benefits include being able to customize the wireless solutions on carrier boards instead of having to stick with the built-in one.


Not to bug you but any update? Im still looking into getting another SOC when i have the funds. Ive been enjoying the potato a lot

We have the boards ready but the copper heatspreader insert is not in stock at the moment so it will be a month before we can release the V2.

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Thank you for the update. Ill wait on it instead of getting a renegade now. Ill make do with my potatos