Which Redhat Distro for Tritium H5?

Hi folks. I just got my Tritium and I’ve tried two operating systems that are not performing the way I’d like. I’m looking for SSH with a Ruby version >3.0. I would be looking for a headless OS.

Any suggestions? I’d like to have a Redhat deritivative. I’m running Almalinux on other boxes, but it won’t start up on this unit.

We don’t support RPM distros because it uses a completely different toolchain than we currently have the bandwidth to support. This is on the long term engineering list. However, you can use libretech-flash-tool and your favorite partitioning tool to load a MBR disk layout with the board specific bootloader and bootstrap your own image.

This is relatively complex and not for the intermediate or below user.

@daBee (and anyone else interested),
Please join us over at Rocky Linux Mattermost in the SIG/AltArch channel. I just got my Tritium, LePotato, La Frite, and Renegade SBC’s today and hope to start work on it next week. There’s a small community of people interested in getting Rocky working on these boards. We’d love help and support from others in the community who are also interested.
Rocky Testing Team Lead

So this board is now on a shelf because I can’t get Alma working on it. But I have joined your chat.

Glad to have you join. I can’t promise anything, but I and a few others are excited to do what we can to get Rocky on these SBC’s and it’s great if you can test when we are ready. Hopefully we’ll be able to figure this out and get your SBC up and doing something more useful then sitting on a shelf. :smiley:
Have a good weekend!