Why does my Journal keep getting "corrupted" or "uncleanly shut down"?

I notice that on my Le Potato (aml-s905x-cc) running Raspbian 12 seems to always gets a message saying that the journal shutdown incorrectly or was corrupted every time I reboot the system. I am just wondering if this is expected behavior, and if so, why? Otherwise, what could I be doing wrong that causes this to happen? Finally, what is the actual consequence of this message?

You did not shut down properly at one point and the systemd-journal process detected incomplete log file closure. It’s not consequential since our filesystem in the images protects against sudden power off and prevents corruption automatically. There’s no consequence.

When you say I shut down improperly at some point, then does that mean every single time thereafter I will get that error message? Or is it that the error message only occurs after the recent improper reboot? For instance, if I reboot incorrectly, then I should expect the incomplete log file closure error message, but then if I reboot correctly after that, should I expect the same error message or should it be gone at this point?

Lastly, if I do sudo reboot to shutdown, are there cases where that will cause issues? If so, then what’s the proper way to shutdown without issues occurring?

Hi, just following up on my response here

It shouldn’t say it on every boot. If it does, it requires you to diagnose why. This is a systemd message.

Why would you run sudo reboot to shutdown? Just sudo shutdown is fine.