Will Libre Computer be offering a Wifi solution for it’s boards?

OK that definitely clarifies the issue. I am in favor of less expensive and certified equipment. It’s easy to add a $10 USD wifi dongle, and for many applications it is not necessary.

Thank you.

Yes, we prefer our customers use certified products as it reduces functional difficiencies in onboard RF. Also it opens up a lot of choices in terms of price and performance.

Hello, I have a Le Potato and I am also using the latest version of raspbian and the same wireless adapter as you. However, my set-up is not working. Could you explain any extra/other steps you took to make the adapter work on your system? I was able to download Libre’s version of Ubuntu and it works fine there, but not with Raspbian. Thanks in advance and nice username. Some say he spends his free time tinkering with electronics, all we know he’s called James May!