Will Libre Computer be offering a Wifi solution for it’s boards?

I recently purchased the renegade elite and while I am good with the Ethernet connection, I was wondering if Libre Computer would be offering a WiFi add on/solution? If so, any estimate for a timeframe? If it’s going to be a while, I am open to hearing what others have done in this regards (ie, third party WiFi dongles/add-ons)

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We recommend MT7601U, MT7610U, and MT7612U dongles. We will offering new dongles through our distributors soon. Supply chain is kind of slow.

You can now find plug and play WiFi adapters through our distribution.

Wonderful, thanks. Will pick one up. Is it a USB item or does it have a place to on the renegade elite it would connect to?

Per the product description: USB 2.0 Type A

Try this

RTL8188FU should be supported generically by the rtl8xxxu driver. There shouldn’t be a need for the out of tree driver. Make sure that rtl8xxxu is not blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/.