Will there be an EMMC part that attaches to the nice screw mounts in Sweet Potato (and others?)

Not that emmc is really my first choice for storage, but a module that’s just hanging on by a connector that’s been described as being fragile is right out. Or is every picture of the module here or on loverpi just wrong?

I read up on how fragile the eMMC is. I got 3 128Gb modules and with my old tired eyes and fat fingers, I was able to mount all 3 eMMC’s and put a dab of silicon to keep them in place. One of the boards ended up 20 feet high on a pole that sways in the wind during snow storms. So far, I’ve not had to climb the pole to fix the eMMC card.

Oh, I had one eMMC that was not working. I finally pressed really fracking hard on it, to get the slightest of clicks and then it worked. I thought perhaps, I’d break the thing but nope.

So what’s the issue you are having with the eMMC cards? Oh, no screw mount. Try a dab of silicon, let dry, power up and shake. Does it hold securely for your application?

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