Wiring tool - not persistent across reboots & UART baud

I am trying to setup a bunch of 3d printers with the potato. I tried to MERGE uart-a in the wiring tool. It says it will persist through boot. I cannot for the life of me get this to actually happen. Also what is the default BAUD for the ttyAML6? Pretty sure i do not have the right baud on the printer board meaning i cannot communicate at all even if i do have it set up properly.

There is a difference between enable and merge. Once it is merged to the root tree, it no longer appears as an overlay. To remove, you have to reset to stock, reboot, and re-merge all the overlays.

Oh so when i went in and disabled it after reboot and it did not see uarta it was due to it being compiled and not enabled. Is there a way to tell the default baud of UART-A? If not is there a decent way to set it as a persistent speed while or before merging it into the root tree?

Actually now that i read that, the image i created is using the incorrect uart. uarta vs the required uart-a. How do i reset the tree to stock so i can enable and merge the correct uart-a? Or will uarta work as a serial console with pins 8 & 10 being tx/rx? If it will still work for communication is the ttyAML6 still accurate for this uart as the com port to be watching? I am sorry for all of the questions. I have been at this for 3 days. Anytime i think i am close and i hit reboot well my image never reboots. so i have to get some help before i send all these boards back.

A) Per the wiring tool guide, use the ldto reset command.
B) tty numbers are persistent.
C) speed is set by the userspace handling the tty. There is no such thing as a default speed.