Wont boot if USB keyboard attached. Will boot fine if no USB devices present

AML-S905X-CC boots fine and is a fun device. However, if I leave the Kybd/mouse in while booting, the startup process waits/hangs at “starting USB… … USB XHCI … no EFI System partition… Welcome to GRUB!”. At this point I need to unplug the kybd, reboot, and all is good. If it matters, I’m using an 2010 vintage Dell USB kybd.

Update: Seems like if I let it linger at the “Welcome to Grub!” state for 5+ minutes, the display timesout/blanks - a keyboard press seems to get it moving forward, and the device seems to boot. Dont want to wait 5mins for a usb timeout.

Is there a grub-config option I’m missing?

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Which image are you using?

I’m having the same problem. It tries to treat any usb device as a bootable disk.
In my case it never times out and boots. Rather just cycles in an infinite boot loop.
Image does not matter since this happens before the card is read. I’ve tried with ubuntu and raspbian.

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Please provide a video. USB problems during boot is mostly power related although certain USB devices can cause problems.

What power supply are you using?
What do you have attached to the board?
What happens exactly? Video of what happens is best for quick diagnosis.

I am having the exact same issues as Mike_Montana. Will boot normally without a USB keyboard plugged in, but if i boot it with the USB keyboard plugged in it hangs at “Welcome to Grub!” and needs intervention (enter key). Besides this booting issue, the SBC works great!

I downloaded and installed this:

Update 3/28: Was able to have success with a different USB keyboard/mouse

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The reason this is happening is that the USB keyboard/mouse is sending a keystroke when the device is enumerated and causes GRUB to stop. This is non-standard keyboard behavior.