WPA3 with GenBasic WiFi 4 USB Nano Wireless Network Dongle Adapter

I recently purchased a GenBasic WiFi 4 USB Nano Wireless Network Dongle Adapter from LovePi.

I purchased this product to get my Raspberry Pi to support WPA3 WiFi. The LovePi website states this product will support WPA3, but I cannot get Raspberry Pi OS to use this product with WPA3.

I contacted LovePi for help and was told to ask for help here. Does anyone know how to get this product to support WPA3 on the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS?

You were misdirected. They assumed you were using that dongle with our products.

The problem you have it that the software (Raspberry Pi OS) does not support WPA3. Not the hardware.

The LovePi team specifically stated their product will work with Raspberry Pi OS, but network manager needed to be changed for WPA3 to function. When I asked how to make this change, I was directed here.

Can someone tell me how to change network manager to get WPA3 to work with Raspberry Pi OS?

You have to use Raspbian 12 and you need to manually configure wpa_supplicants: Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) support · Issue #4718 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub