AML GXL No Video or Bad Video on Monitor

Not sure how to get EDID info via windows, but meanwhile my monitor is:VA2431wm, 1920 x 1080.

Red (and blue) LEDs come on solid at boot, green comes on at about 30 seconds, at which point the blue LED changes to flashing.

And I have a question: why doesn’t the server image at least (but really of of them) boot up first time with SSH enabled with root login, and the ethernet set to DHCP? Nobody who can’t figure out how to reconfigure those is likely to be a serious part of your customer base, and I don’t think we need to accommodate those who would boot this board for the in an environment where it would be exposed to the internet!

For the server image in particular, there are lots and lots of uses where it’s expected to be headless so why trouble us with the need to hook up a monitor?

  1. DVI displays are not designed to interface with HDMI ports so they do not use the normal HDMI timings. u-boot is a low complexity bootloader and is not capable of doing advanced timing configuration like Linux. Use an HDMI display.

  2. All of our images offer the stock behavior of upstream distros. Ubuntu configures the server images this way. You are barking up the wrong tree. They set the server images to be configured via cloud-init and you can enable SSH and other features you mentioned per the release notes.

  3. Having SSH enabled and root login is a security risk. No reasonable distro will do this.

  4. Read the release notes. You are asking for something that already exists.

Oh, it’s got a DVI-HDMI adaptor and I never considered the ramifications of that. Thanks!

I went out and bought a new Acer SB220Q bi genuine HDMI (1920 x 1080) and still nothing when booting.

Two questions:

*Am I supposed to see anything from the on-board boot loader, or is it completely silent until it gets some of the system loaded from the drive?

*Is someone maintaining a list of known-to-work monitors? (Don’t worry, I needed the new Acer for another system anyway, but obviously I’m not going to spring for Yet Another Monitor unless it’s promised to be compatible.)

Did you load software on the SD card? If not, you’re not going to get anything.

Yes, of course. I suppose I should re-check the image?

  1. What SD card are you using?
  2. What are you using the flash it?
  3. What is the full image filename you are using?
  4. Does any LEDs change 30 seconds after power on?