Android for Libre Computer Boards

Various outdated versions of Android are available for our boards. Since Android depends on Vendor SDKs, they’re usually not supported or upgraded over time. We do not recommend using Android as the building block of anything. These images should be used for testing and experimentation only. There’s is little to no support for any issue you will have. The Android SDKs used to build the images are only provided under NDA by the SoC vendors and even then not supported very well if at all.


Hello Any insight on how to get the standard 3.5" lcd display(xpt2046) working with this img for the le potato?

You are on your own if you use Android. We do not support it outside of providing the basic image and SDK.

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NP Thank you for the quick reply.

So I see there is just standard android but is there a android TV that is flashable to the micro sd card slot?

We do not have the bandwidth to maintain Android. You can change the target and manifest to add Android TV components and build it yourself.

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How can I pull the boot files for the amlogic s905x

Just a follow up I just am checking to see if I somehow missed. your message?

See the instructions in the OP. Click SDK.

Oh okay I am super sorry! I am a newbie!

Android is a PITA. It takes forever to compile so development is not fun.