Beginner here. Having trouble running 16x2 I2c display with AML-S905x-CC. Any help would be great

I am having issues running the I2c display on raspberry pi os lite. I have the I2c and spi enabled, and it shows up on i2c bus 1 and address is 27. Trying to implement this code. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

# Import LCD library
from RPLCD import i2c

# Import sleep library
from time import sleep

# constants to initialise the LCD
lcdmode = 'i2c'
cols = 20
rows = 4
charmap = 'A00'
i2c_expander = 'PCF8574'

# Generally 27 is the address;Find yours using: i2cdetect -y 1 
address = 0x27 
port = 1 # 0 on an older Raspberry Pi

# Initialise the LCD
lcd = i2c.CharLCD(i2c_expander, address, port=port, charmap=charmap,
                  cols=cols, rows=rows)

# Write a string on first line and move to next line
lcd.write_string('Hello world')
lcd.write_string('IoT with Vincy')
# Switch off backlight
lcd.backlight_enabled = False 
# Clear the LCD screen

There is dozens of I2C displays. Which one exactly? With I2C AO enabled, normal I2C code should work as long as the bus number is correct.

I tried with Ao enabled first and then both AO and B. The bus being used is port 1 as I can see the address 27 being used when i plug in the display using the i2c detect command.

Which screen? You have not answered our question.

An i2c serial 20x4 lcd display.

Nevermind. Thank you for your help. I had not adjusted the contrast from the back!! :man_facepalming: