How to Enable I2C on AML-S905X-CC Le Potato

There are two I2C buses available on Le Potato in the same pin position on the 40 pin GPIO header as on most Raspberry Pi boards.

  • i2c-ao on pin 3 and 5
  • i2c-b on pin 27 and 28

To enable the I2C AO:

ls -al /dev/i2c-*
sudo ldto enable i2c-ao
ls -al /dev/i2c-*

To enable the I2C B:

ls -al /dev/i2c-*
sudo ldto enable i2c-b
ls -al /dev/i2c-*

After enabling, you can scan the i2c bus:

sudo i2cdetect -y I2CNUM

Replace I2CNUM with the i2c device that appeared from the ls -al /dev/i2c-*