Bookworm boot problem on Le Potato V1.0

I tried writing the rasbian v12 bookworm iso from the libre computer iso repository with both balena and rufus. It scrolls the typical linux cli startup and then jumps to a screen with a single white underscore flashing in the top left.

I don’t know what this means or what to do about it since bullseye works with no problems.

It works, just be patient or try to flash the MicroSD card again.

how many days is it supposed to take then?
the only alternative behavior i can get it is this picture, enter goes back to the white underscore forever.

Your MicroSD card is corrupting data so the software automatically moved the filesystem to read only mode to prevent further damage to data. Get a new MicroSD card.

i can try a different sd card. do you have a recommended variety? the one i am using is a sandisk extreme 32gb, the kind with red and gold label color scheme.