Case - Fan Pref

Hello, im looking for a case for some AML-S905X-CC i recently got.

I’ve seen form another thread (here: Need recommendation for a case for Potato) that the LoveRPi Active Cooling Media Center PC Case with Fan was recommended, but it seems to be out in every store.

Are there any other fan cases that folks use? Most that I look at dont seem to allow for the Potato.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tertran, I have the same board. Note I’ve fitted mine into an Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case (Pi 3 model B not model A). Very inexpensive and fitted perfectly. No fan but you just leave the top off to help keep it extra cool.


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I’ve been keeping mine in the bottom part of 2 different 3d printed cases, both of witch have a slot for a 30mm fan on the top. I’ve given up on using the tops, as they block the GPIO headers, and just sit the fan directly on the heatsink. Definetly get the heatsink by the way. Next time I boot up the “Big Computer” as I call it now, I’ll link to the cases I’ve tried.

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Hi Angus, I recently got my Le Potato snd produced a drawing snd 3D printed case, top and bottom. If you have someone that can produce one for you I can provide the .stl files.

See Libre Computer Board 3D CAD Models