Need recommendation for a case for Potato

My newly received AML-S905X-CC has a large metal cased LED where two small surface mounted LEDs should be. Thus it doesn’t fit any of the cases I have. Can somebody recommend a suitable plastic case for it? An Amazon link would be best.

Can you take a picture of what LED you are referring to? Are you sure it’s not the IR sensor? This is the recommended case:

Yeah, the IR receiver is always in the way. A 3/16 drill bit would probably fix that, but since I haven’t had a need for a remote yet, I just leave it bent back out of the way. All 3 potatos I have shipped that way anyhow. The leds are also a little offset for cases that have a slot for them. That seems to be a real strong point of the case @librecomputer linked to, with its tranlucent front panel. I really like that design. I’ve been experimenting with 3d printed cases, seeing that, a tinted plexiglass front panel might be the ticket.

So far I ve figured out most of what I don’t want. Once I find/design someting really functional I’ll certainly link to it.