CM4 form factor product

A bit late to the party, but looking for a CM4 competitor that is compatible with most CM4 carrier boards. What is the status on such a Libre Computer board coming out? If Libre has no current plans, what would it take for me (on the firmware side) to take something like an RK3399 and build my own CM4-like board? Basically a Renegade Elite ROC-RK3399-PC but in a CM4 form factor…

I have PCB design experience, but making the whole system work is out of my experience. Would like to know what part of Libre Computer’s work I can use to help me out.

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Have a read of this. Obviously March has been and gone but hopefully it’s still very much in Libre Computer’s pipeline.

A Le Potato in CM4 form factor would be interesting too. Enabling hardware developers to create fully open source handheld gaming consoles.

The design was finished last year. Flushing out all of the quirks with the new Cottonwood family. Expect the CM4 form factor product to land around August to September.